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Regular and systematic waste collection and domestic waste collection services with recycling methods are important industries in Malaysia. To overcome the acute waste dumping problem in the country, the process of recycling waste to produce new goods with recycling methods can reduce waste, use of raw materials (from combustion), water pollution (from landfills) and greenhouse gas production compared production of new products that use a lot of raw materials.

Recyclable materials consist mostly of glass, wood, paper, metal, iron, plastic, electronics and various old metal. Materials to be recycled either brought from the collection site or collected from the roadside will be compiled, cleaned and processed and re-manufactured into new goods or products. For example, used office paper can produce new office paper or old metal can be melted to produce new iron. The process of recycling waste can ensure environmental cleanliness, prevent odor pollution and protect public health.


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E-Waste Management and Scheduled Waste Management

One of the biggest challenge that organizations faced is managing their used, unused and discarded electronic waste (e- Waste) or waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). WEEE is a recent addition to the e-Waste stream. e-Waste is attracting increasing attention globally as the volume generated is rising rapidly due to technological advances and growing consumers demand .

Data Security & Intellectual Property Destruction

Proper protection of our customers’ intellectual property right and confidential data is of paramount importance to us. Laksana Cergas Sdn. Bhd. offers the most reliable and practical methods of data destruction and/or physical destruction of data devices protecting products’ IP and confidential information from storage devices (Hard Drives, Magnetic Tapes, Floppy Disks, Removable Storage Devices.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Recycling

LCSB provides a one stop solution for your waste management needs. Our core business is providing eco recycling process which helps organizations to minimize negative impact on the enviroment and migitate enviromental litigation risks.

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